Lease agreement

The lease agreement is the most important document of the tenancy relationship. By signing the lease agreement you make a commitment to the responsibilities, liabilities and obligations relating to the tenancy. Lease agreements are always written documents.

Lease agreement valid until further notice

Most of our lease agreements are valid until further notice. If you decide to terminate your lease, you must provide the written termination of tenancy with one month´s notice period.

Fixed-term lease agreement

Fixed-term agreements are made only in special cases. Our lease agreements with enterprises are usually fixed-term agreements.

If number of residents change

You must notify the maintenance company of any changes in persons living in your home so that they can update the list of residents for the building. Any new residents must also submit a notification of change of address to the Local Register Office. You can do this at a post office or online

Please note that the maintenance company is only allowed to open the door to your home at a resident´s request to persons that you as a party signing the lease have reported as residents of your home to the maintenance company.

Moving into another KAS apartment

Life situations change and this may result in change of your housing needs while living in one of our homes. If you are interested in moving into a larger or smaller KAS apartment or to another area, you can apply for a new home by submitting a new application via our website. Remember to indicate on the first page of the form that you are making an application for a change of home.

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