How to fill in the housing application form

Please note that some of the homes that appear as available now or soon may actually already be reserved or other people may also have applied for them. Home listings will only be deleted from our website once a written lease agreement has been signed on them.

Filling the application online

To apply for a KAS home, fill in the housing application form. You can only apply for homes located in one municipality with the application form.

If you want to apply for homes located in more than one municipality at the same time, fill in a housing application form separately for each municipality. Where applications are processed varies from one municipality to another. The application will remain valid for three months. If you submit a new application for the same municipality, the new application will replace your previous application.

Go to the application form

Fill in all the requested details carefully. Mandatory information is marked with an asterisk (*) so make sure you do not leave such fields blank.